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It is the mission of United Valley Soccer Association to promote the sport of soccer; to provide an atmosphere that fosters constructive education in soccer skills and the rules of the game; to provide a safe and secure environment in which to practice and play; and to provide an activity where courtesy, common sense, and good sportsmanship prevail for all players, coaches, parents and fans.


A key component in United Valley Soccer Association's mission is the volunteer coach. UVSA administers both a fall and spring program. The fall program is a recreational league for beginning players and utilizes the volunteer efforts of many first-time coaches. The spring program is a competitive travel league for seasoned players and the coaches often have multiple years of experience through our fall program and even some high school coaching experience. No matter what level of experience, UVSA holds all our coaches to the same standards and expectations. The most important of these is emphasizing fun through the teaching of soccer fundamentals and promoting strong teamwork, good sportsmanship, and fair play - both on and off the field.


Several years ago, United Valley Soccer Association developed a handbook for our coaches. This handbook contains valuable information regarding our fall soccer program. The handbook is now available in PDF format for our coaches and interested parents/guardians.

   Coaches' Handbook


The following are links to the forms all UVSA volunteer coaches need (forms are PDF files):

   Volunteer Application

Each adult volunteer MUST provide a completed application to the Coaching Coordinator prior to the start of the season. This form must be completed annually.

   Coaching Application

Volunteers interested in coaching MUST provide a completed application to the Coaching Coordinator prior to the start of the season. Applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and successful candidates will be notified. This form must be completed annually.

   SAY Injury Report

UVSA is required by our secondary medical insurance provider to submit this form with every claim. UVSA coaches must complete an Injury Report for all injuries that require medical treatment and occur at practice or games.

   Concession Stand Worker Form

Coaches should use this form to provide the Concession Stand Manager a list of volunteer workers required for home games.

Clearances - Updated for 2016

Effective December 31, 2014, the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law (23 Pa.C.S. § 6344) was broadened to include any volunteer who will work with children. In order to be compliant with the law, all UVSA coaches and assistant coaches are required to obtain the following reports prior to the start of the season in which they wish to volunteer:


(1) A clean criminal history report from the Pennsylvania State Police.

(2) A clean child abuse history report from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (ChildLine)

(3) A clean criminal history report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (fingerprinting required).

-OR- A completed Pennsylvania Fingerprint Waiver Form for individuals having resided in PA for the previous ten years.

The following links are provided for your convenience:


  PSP Criminal History Report - this link will redirect you to the PSP ePatch system.

  Childline Abuse History Report - this link will redirect you to the PA Dept. of Public Welfare's Compass system.

  FBI Criminal History Report - this link will redirect you to the PA Dept. of Public Welfare's CogentID system.

  PA Fingerprint Waiver Form (PDF) - this link will redirect you to the printable waiver form.


Due to the changes in the law, United Valley Soccer Association will no longer provide background checks.


SAY/UVSA Concussion Policy

Soccer Association for Youth (SAY) is a national organization supporting the growth of youth soccer. SAY recently implemented a concussion policy to address the issue. The SAY concussion policy involves two steps, one of which is a free online course to help educate coaches and officials on all aspects of concussions. The second involves guidelines to follow during a suspected concussion and procedures for returning to play. As a SAY affiliate member, United Valley Soccer Association fully supports the policy and has already completed league-wide implementation.


The following links include the complete SAY/UVSA policy and two options for completing the online course:


  SAY/UVSA Concussion Policy - includes the complete policy and links to other supplemental documents.

  Course Option #1 - the National Federation of State High School Associations "Concussion in Sports" training course.

  Course Option #2 - the Centers for Disease Control "Heads Up! Concussion in Youth Sports" training course.


Additionally, provided below are links to forms and information in PDF file format suitable for printing:


  SAY/UVSA Concussion Policy (PDF) - the complete policy.

  Coach & Referee Information Sheet - information and tips for coaches and referees.

  SAY/UVSA Concussion Notification Form - this form must be used to notify parents of suspected concussions.

  SAY/UVSA Return to Play Form - this form must be completed prior to a player returning to play.



The following websites have been chosen based on the quality of their information:


Sites providing example soccer drills:


For questions about coaching, please contact David Hepler by email at,

or by completing this form - CONTACT.

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